Voyaging Together To A New Life:
A Handbook for Newcomers to Hawaii


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In many Pacific Island cultures, the canoe is a symbol of strength, courage, teamwork, and perseverance. Like a canoe, newcomers must be ready for change and must be able to adjust to their surroundings by working together to overcome challenges. All cultures, all nations, and all people have one common value – respect for others. We are in the same canoe and through “laulima” (many hands working together), we can find success in a new land.

The Important Role of the Family
in the Home and at School

  • Sleeping and Waking
  • Schools
  • Ukus or Head Lice Prevention
  • Be Prepared to Learn
  • After School Programs
  • When Children Return Home from School
  • Sharing Household Duties
  • Bedtime

Caring for Your Child

  • Housing
  • Meals, Nutrition, and Exercise
  • Child Supervision
  • Showing Children Attention
  • Discipline
  • Supporting Good Behaviors
  • Hygiene

Keeping Safe in the Home and Community

  • Car Safety
  • Driver’s License
  • Seat Belts and Car Seats
  • Street Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Crime Prevention
  • Bullies
  • Sex Assault Prevention

Keeping Healthy

  • Hawaii QUEST
  • Going to the Doctor and Dentist
  • Communicable Diseases

Child Welfare Services

  • If a family is reported for possible child abuse or neglect, the family may be visited at home by a police officer or by a social worker from Child Welfare Services (CWS).

Hawaii Laws

  • If someone is violating the law, contact the police to keep our community safe.

Resources in Hawaii

  • City and County of Honolulu
  • County of Hawaii
  • County of Kauai
  • County of Maui
  • Telephone Hotlines


  • Appendix A: Ukus or Head Lice Treatment: Listerine/Shampoo Treatment
  • Appendix B: Preparing for Your Child's Stay
    in Hawaii
  • Appendix C: Hawaii QUEST


Mahalo to the following agencies for their funding, support, and commitment to the production of this handbook. Department of the Attorney General, Crime Prevention and Justice Assistance Division Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Office of Community Services Department of Health Nations of Micronesia Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, City and County of Honolulu Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, Inc. Parents And Children Together, Hawaii Parent Information Resource Center.