HPIRC State Office

Located in Honolulu, in the island of Oahu, a PACT Program

In a state of islands where lack of physical access can be a barrier to receiving equitable services, the state office works to maintain HPIRC's connectivity across the state. With presence on 4 of Hawaii's 6 populated islands, HPIRC helps shape parent involvement policy and practice statewide, thus impacting parents, and therefore student achievement across the state.

HPIRC's latest statewide efforts have been concentrated in improving the parental involvement and academic achievment in communities with some of the lowest educational success rates in Hawaii: Marshallese and Chuukese immigrants. By decifering statistics and demographics, conducting focus groups, listening to families and their daily struggles, working with community and church leaders, and by talking with women's groups within these Micronesian groups, we have devised a plan of action. By using communication vehicles already existing within these communities: Marshallese and Chuukese radio shows, local public access television educational opportunities and time, active and involved church leaders and women's groups affiliated through religion &/or ethnicity, we are able to channel information and resources geared at improving academic achievement for the next generation.

Also on the state level, HPIRC partners with the HDOE on activities such as creating easy-to-understand materials for parents, including materials developed on state accountability, highly qualified teacher notification, supplemental educational services, and public school choice. HPIRC also provides training and technical assistance to schools and districts as part of the HDOE training team.

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